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All you need is Bling

Everyone enjoys a bright Christmas filled with the twinkling, sparkling goodies that go along with it. Bling is another way to celebrate the holiday season this year by making yourself, your home and guests dress up as brightly as the can. Somehow shine stands out so much more as it catches and reflects the light so everyone will be bouncing their shiny sparkles back at one another for this theme.


Razzle Dazzle your Home and Christmas Trees

Since the party will be at your home ask your guests to help you decorate and perhaps this year you can select something other than a pine tree. If you go the complete commercial route you could select a snazzy plastic tree or have several dotted around your home. Shower them with different colored glitters and fairy lights to add to the razzle dazzle. Be a little different and top them with elves, fairies or gnomes for humor. Drape trees and other features liberally with tinsel and place your red, gold and green Christmas welcome banners up wherever you have room. Drape translucent throws over your sitting room furniture and hang ornaments from your curtain railings. The festive cheer will be so pervasive all of your guests will be smiling before they have even had a glass of champagne.


Bling your Dinner Table to the nth Degree

Silver and gold are the way to add bling to dress your dinner table to the nth degree. Don’t be shy about “blinging” great joy to your home this year and cover your chairs with shiny things, wrap your crystal glasses in bling and add some bright wraps around your wine bottles. Go over the top and add glitter and sequins to your table cloths and serviette holders.  Go big or go home as they say!  Wrap chocolates and nuts in personalized tiny, shiny gift bags and place these around the table. Place glittered candles around your home in reflective silver and gold holders and make sure you have the shiniest Christmas crackers you can find adorning tables in all the rooms where your guests will be seated.


Now for the Menu

Now that your home and guests are dressed in as much bling as possible you can actually serve what you like for dinner. Here you have a choice of whether to provide totally exotic foods or traditional Christmas fare. Because your home and guests are dressed to impress  they are going to be so hyped up that maybe you want to stick to plain starters and main meal basics such as roast beef, duck, pork and vegetables otherwise it could be a little overwhelming. Then at the end of the meal add a fancy dessert such as chocolate mint mousse in martini glasses or black forest cake to round off the occasion. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Christmas this year, can you?

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