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Symptoms of a Sick Bird

Symptoms of a Sick Bird

People with pets are used to their pet's daily habits and behaviors. Cats and dogs will have a special area where he/she enjoys resting. Even birds develop certain behaviors and routines that we are accustomed to observing. When these behaviors suddenly change, it can be a sign that your pet is sick. If you are used to being greeted by a singing bird or a special greeting, and your bird stops this action then it may be suffering from an illness. It is important to notice any changes so you can address them immediately. Birds are especially sensitive to illnesses because they are delicate creatures. You may not even see any obvious sign of sickness until it’s too late. Here are several signs of sickness to watch out for if you have a bird.

1) Runny Droppings
Every type of bird has a specific, normal look to their droppings. If you notice that your bird's normal droppings are different, then he/she may be sick. Generally, bird droppings consist of a center that is more solid and darker in color, while the outer areas are whiter and more liquid. If the droppings are more watery than they usually look, this is a sign of infection.

2) Runny Nose
Just like humans, birds may develop a runny nose when they are ill. If you are noticing this type of discharge that is not normal, then you should determine if your bird is well or not. Do not ignore symptoms such as this.

3) Feather and Posture Changes
Birds have a way about them when they enjoy fluffing their feathers at certain times. However, if you notice that your bird's feathers are staying more fluffed than not, then it may be ill. Pay attention to the general posture of your bird. It may be hard to observe, but make a note of it. That way, if there is a change in your bird's posture, you can see that something may be wrong.

4) Appetite Changes
When your bird suddenly has a loss of appetite or just eats less, this is a sign that your bird may be sick. When any animal doesn't want to eat like it normally would, this is definitely a warning that something is wrong. Your bird may lose the ability to play with toys as he/she typically would because of the loss of energy from not eating. Pay attention to those signs as well.

5) Changes in Coloring
If you see that your bird has lost color in his/her body parts, then you may have to address the possibility of an illness. Always pay attention to any discoloration in your bird's facial features, like eyes and beak. If they don't look as they always do, have your bird checked for disease. Also make note of the coloring of your bird's feet and legs. If those change color, he/she may be suffering from a sickness.

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