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Moving with your pets

Moving with your pets

Moving is as traumatic for pets as it is for humans. It is therefore important to ensure that your move is pet friendly. Below are the steps you can take in order to have a smooth move.

Prepare for the move

Start by making a plan of the move. This should answer the questions of how you will move the and when.

Visit the vet

Visit the vet as soon as possible so that the pet can be checked if it is fit to travel. If the pet should be given shots, this is the right time because you will need current shot records when traveling. You will need vaccination certificates and vet records when traveling. It may also take a while before finding a vet where you are going. The vet can also give you a sedative to give to the pet if you will be flying, going for long distances or there are children. An aggressive or a biting pet also needs sedatives when traveling.

Traveling by air

If traveling by airline, make reservations with the airline directly. This will allow you to confirm if the airline accepts pets and the regulations they impose on them. You should book the same flight with your pet even if it is traveling in the cargo area. Ask about the measurement allowed for the carriers and any additional costs that you may be required to pay. You should note that small pets usually fly when in a small carrier in the cabin with you. Large pets use large carriers and they travel in cargo area.

Traveling by road

List the things you will need for the journey and pack them separately from other things going by truck. Check if the pet carrier will fit inside the car or if you will need to look for a new one. If you will stay in a hotel overnight, ensure that it is pet friendly. Book it directly so that you can confirm whether the hotel will take in pets.

Preparations for the moving day

Have the pet groomed before you move so that you do not move with a dirty and unkempt pet. To prevent the pet from being stressed while you are packing, take it to a kennel for boarding a day or two before the moving day. In case you want it to stay at home, put it in a room and close it until you are ready to move. The packing and carrying of items movements may not be good for the pet and it may even flee due to stress.

Moving day

Maintain the normal schedule with the pet to prevent it from being stressed by the changes. Walk and feed it at the usual time. Check your new home before letting the pet in to see if there are harmful objects in the house. If it is safe, release the pet and ensure that the windows and the doors are closed until the pet is used to the new place. Start by laying out familiar items in your new home.

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