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Make Moving Easy on Your Dog

Make Moving Easy on Your Dog

Any time a dog's environment is changed, he/she can become uneasy and anxious about the new situation. The last thing you want to do is stress your beloved pet out when you make the step and move to a new home. Here are a few tips to follow in order to make the transition less stressful for your dog.

1) Include your dog in the packing process. Allow your dog to be around you as you pack up your belongings. You may want to put your dog in another room so he/she doesn't get in your way, but this may have a negative emotional effect. While you are moving your boxes and furniture out of your home, make sure to pay some attention to your dog. As you walk by, pet your dog to make him/her feel included and present in the process.

2) Pay more attention to your dog during the moving process. Dogs may feel that they will be getting left behind as they see everything in the house disappearing. Reassure your dog that you will be bringing him/her as well. Talk in a soothing manner and show your pet lots of love. Don't forget to take some time out so you can give one-on-one attention to your dog. Take your pet for a walk or play with him/her in the yard.

3) Even though moving is a hectic process, try to maintain a sense of normalcy for your pet. Make sure to feed him/her during the same times you would on any other day. Take your dog out to go to the bathroom on a regular schedule. When you are packing and clearing items out of your home, try to keep your dog's bed and favorite toy for last.

4) Prior to your moving day, you should request a copy of your dog's records from the veterinarian. If he/she is on any medications, make sure to have enough of a supply to last until you can find a new vet, if need be. If your dog needs to be groomed, take care of that before leaving your area and moving to a new one.

5) When you move and your house begins to empty out, don't keep your dog home alone while you are transporting your items to your new house. If your dog is left by him/herself in an empty house, you might be causing more stress on your pet. Your dog may feel that you are abandoning him/her if placed in that type of situation. If you are unable to take your dog with you every time, see if a neighbor or friend can pet sit while you are gone. This will help make him/her feel more at ease.

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