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Litter Box Decor: Hide The Eyesore and Give Privacy To Your Cat

Litter Box Decor: Hide The Eyesore and Give Privacy To Your Cat

Your cat’s litter box: It stinks. It takes up space. It can even be an eyesore. Sometimes it gets messy cleaning up after your kitty. You can help change all that by fancying up your litter box and hiding it away from company. Spice that litter box up with some decor ideas and you (and your cat) will love the box forever.

The Cover-Up:

The best covers for your cat’s litter box can be found in your garage or at a thrift store. You can use a storage container, desk drawers or embroidered trunks. Old filing cabinets or wine cases are good too. If the covers your find are empty, you’re off to a great start!  Just place the litter box in your container, add some lining, and the inside is done. With furniture that has compartments or drawers you may opt to remove the top drawer and place the litter box in the bottom. Otherwise you will have major work in clearing out your cat’s future bathroom. If the container is small enough you may opt for simple lining along with the litter box. Be wary that these type of containers will have to be opened and closed each time - hardly any room for your cat to enter on its own. You can also choose to build a littler box from scratch with wooden boards and a nail gun. Just make sure you have your measurements right or the box may come out crooked.

Add Some Color:

Once you’ve set the inner decor, it’s time to decorate the outside. If the box has an ornate design, a simple paint job is best. You will have more room for creativity with an outer surface that is flat. The design helps you hide your litter box in plain sight. When you have company, guests may see your box simply as decor and would have no second thoughts about it.  If your box is a converted piece of furniture - like an old filing cabinet - you can leave it plain. Still no one would be the wiser.

Backdoor & Ventilation:

If your litter box is big enough, your cat will need a door. A backdoor helps keep kitty's bathroom activity a covert operation. The most efficient tool for creating your backdoor will be a power drill. The position of the door depends on how your cat would enter. Make it easy on your cat; anything that requires too much effort might deter your cat from entering. Also make sure your cat has enough room to walk behind the box - back and forth. Make a hole for ventilation as well. Ventilation keeps the smell out of the litter box. So when it’s time to clean, you’re not attacked with a day’s worth of stench. The ventilation hole can be on top of the box or in the back near the door. Just as long as it’s out of site, you’re okay.

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