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How to Welcome your New Pet Home

How to Welcome your New Pet Home

You have found your dream pet, and now it is time to take it home. How prepared are you to accommodate the pet? Remember it will be a part of your family. Hence, you must be willing to do anything possible, to make the pet adjust fast. Pets get scared when they are moved to new places. It is your responsibility to make this transition period bearable.  Pets are loyal and loving but only if the people around them treat them with care and love. There are some ways to ease the adjustment. First, it is natural to feel anxious about when your cat, bird or dog, will feel comfortable around you and the family members. Even at that, do not hurry off this important stage of your relationship with your pet.  For instance, a cat will take approximately seven to fourteen days to acclimatize to a new environment. Therefore, this is not time to introduce it to your friends and relatives. Just save it for another day.

Find the pet some place to hide in as it tries to get used to the surroundings. They will appreciate it, if you have some set place for them from where, they can watch its new housemates as they go about their daily activities. Pets are very observant, hence, with time; they will come out of the hiding place and approach the person, who seems welcoming.
In addition, get a litter box for the pet. This will prevent the pet from littering your home. Are you confused about the litter box to use? In particular, pets, they opt for fine grain clumping litter box. Use this type, unless the cat is in the developmental stage where they eat their litter. On the other hand, non-clumping litter is preferred for kitten, which is yet to hit ten weeks in age.

To ensure your new feline health, take it for a visit to the veterinarian. Here you will get to know the diseases; the pet may be suffering from and get some advice on what to do. It is through this test, you learn whether the pet is allergic to certain things. Moreover, you can find out from the vet on the best feeds to give the pet. For a week or two, you will need to feed the animal, with the same diet, it used to have before you adopted it. It is all right to change from one brand to another but do this after this period. When you are introducing the new food, give a quarter portion of the new flavor and fill in the portion, with its old favorite food, until the pet adapts to the new diet. Pets and especially cats love to scratch on just anything. Hence, before you come home to a damaged leather couch, find it something to scratch on. Surprising, they also use their paws on wooden furniture. Save yourself the screams and curses, by investing on a scratching board. You do not need to buy, any board in your store, can serve this purpose. A pet can take some time to adjust to a new home, but it all depends with how you welcome it. Implement the above ways to initiate a lasting relationship with your pet.

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