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How to make a scratch pad for the cat

How to make a scratch pad for the cat

Your cat loves to scratch, and there is no better way to take care of this talent but to have a kitty pad. The easiest option is to buy the scratch pad from the stores. However, if you look closely at it, it is made from cardboard. Why not save the money and make your own scratch pad? It will save you money, and you can give it the design that you prefer and have personalized. Your kitty will love you for it.

You can even go further and use recycled materials to make the kitty to help you achieve two goals at once. One goal can be of conserving the environment and the other goal of saving money. For this project, shipping boxes can come in handy, instead of throwing them away.

The items you will need for this pet project are:

·         At least five cardboard boxes of medium size though you can use boxes of all kinds and all sizes.

·         Blade

·         Ruler

·         Decorative fabric or paper

·         Scrap paper, fabric or felt

·         Masking tape


Determine the height the scratch pad will be. This will depend on factors such as the age and size of your cat. Open the cardboard's. Measure strips of identical width and cut them such that the cardboard ridges are placed horizontally across strips. This will make it easy to fold the cardboard's when making the pad.

Roll the strips of the cardboard using your hands as you bend it at every corrugation. The cardboard will curl naturally. Roll one strip, make it into a circle and use the masking tape to close it to form the core of the scratch pad where you will attach the rest of the cardboard strips. Add a new strip and put it in place at the end of the first strip using the masking tape. Choose the top side and ensure that it is even at all times. The other side can be uneven because it is not visible. The top side should look perfect.

Add more strips using masking tape. The new strip should be placed where the last strip ends, and you should tightly coil them. Once you have added all strips of cardboard to your desired diameter, decorate your finished product. Use the decorative paper or fabric by cutting it and wrapping it around the scratch pad. Tape the ends closing  it. To safeguard the bottom of the scratch pad from spilling the catnip on the floor, take a scrap paper or fabric. Trace the shape of a circle, which can fit on the bottom side of the scratch pad. Using glue or tape, fix the cut scrap paper or fabric on the underside of the pad.

Now the scratch pad for your cat is complete. The fabric on the bottom prevents the catnip from getting to the floor when you sprinkle it for the cat on the scratch pad. Your cat can now have the fun. Put the pad on your preferred spot, sprinkle the catnip on it and enjoy the antics of your cat.



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