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Dog Training Tips

Dog Training Tips

We can all agree that dogs are faithful companions and fun in our lives. However, bringing one into your home to grow to such a level is a life-long process. If dogs are not trained correctly, they create havoc in one's home. They need to be trained on their limits.

Choosing a Dog for Home

When selecting your pet, always look at the kind of chaos that happens in your home, as well as your current to-do list. You need to be more cautious when you have children who are below five years. As well, you can wait until your family is old enough. In both cases, knowing how to train your dog will be very important.

Always use techniques that will make the dog very kind and gentle. In the process, don't threaten your dog. This should not be mentally or physically. It is advisable to use positive reinforcements like food and play toys to make your dog behave the way you want.

Dog Training Ideologies

The dog training ideologies are numerous. The combination of the many methods can help bring up an effective dog for your family. We recommend some of the ideas below:


Training you dog to sit is a command that help bring impulse control. The simplest way is to hold a treat like a magnet to its nose and then guide it up. While following the treat, the dog will put its rear end on the floor. Appreciate the dog as soon as it does so.

Once you have several trials, command the dog to sit immediately without guiding it into position. It is good to withdraw any food lure because it will learn to sit only when there is a treat. This training helps dogs not to jump on people inappropriately when he encounters them.


The command ‘come' will keep your dog safe especially on out-door lifestyles. It is a good word to help give your dog more playtimes. Always make sure the results of this behavior are good rewards. At times, you can leash out some food. In the training process, stand next to your dog, say come and then jog away. Encourage the dog to chase you. When it comes to you, give it praises and food.

Lie Down

This command is good for dogs that beg for food at the dinner table. It sends the dog to a designated place during meals. Start by taking the dog to the spot like bed. Always use the command time to lie down. When it lies down, give it praises or any positive reinforcement and releases it from the spot after 10-15 seconds. Repeat this exercise continually. Build on the time you send the dog to lie down. Always give positive rewards when the dog obeys the command.


When a dog masters this command, it achieves a high level of respect. It can also be kept safe from harm. First command the dog to sit. Lower your hand to the ground with a treat. Your dog will follow the treat with his nose until at it reaches the ground. Once the dog is down on the flow, put the treat away forcing it to follow your fingers and slump further to the ground. Once it is completely on the ground, praise it and give it a treat.

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