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Creative Dog Grooming

Just because you don’t have a purebred pooch does not mean that you can’t enter him in a creative dog show. While traditional dog shows require many prescriptions via the standards of official breeding associations, most creative shows require a minimum of rules and regulations. They are designed more for fun than status which means you can enter your pet be he incredibly ugly or a regal specimen. He will however need to be groomed for the occasion.

Good Reasons for Grooming

There are many different breeds of dogs and some shed while others moult and they should be taken to a professional groomer at least every six to eight weeks. If you intend showing your dog it is not necessary to take him to a professional as you can groom him yourself although brushing should actually be done on a daily basis. This is both a pleasurable experience for your animal and enhances his sense of comfort and well-being. Daily grooming has other practical benefits as it helps to check for skin problems, lameness and parasites and strengthens the bond between owner and pet. 

How to Begin

Always use warm water to wash your pet and use a suitable PH balanced shampoo. Regular human shampoos are too harsh for their delicate skin. It is also advisable to regularly cut your pet’s nails. Failing to do so may cause your pet unnecessary discomfort and pain. Make sure that you do not cut into the quick of the nail as this is painful and will lead to bleeding. You will also need to purchase the necessary tools to clean your dog’s ears and eyes gently.

Obtaining That Professional Look

There are many different products on the market with which to groom your pet for that special day. These include Rakes for animals with thick coats or the Coat King to remove old undercoats before clipping. The pin and bristle brush is an all in one DIY tool as it can be used on any coat. Once you have completed your cut, shampoo and conditioner you can use a doggy rinse and finish off with hair drying. It is also important to check the dental hygiene of your dog if you want him to impress on his big day. Doggy dental kits come in a variety of choices but use these with caution.

A Walk on the Wild Side

Creative grooming is also known as pet tuning in certain areas of the world and is aimed at showing the owner’s personality or lifestyle as much as that of their dog. Because of this the owner is allowed a lot of leeway in showing his or her pet and this means being creative. You can therefore complete your grooming exercise by adding a bit of doggy perfume and expressing your creativity through painting his nails, adding some ribbons or bows or brightly dyeing his tail. Don’t overdo it though as you wouldn’t want to look desperate.

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