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Using Lights to Decorate your Bedroom- The Basics

Using Lights to Decorate your Bedroom- The Basics

Bedrooms offer comfort to many after an exhaustive day. They are our getaways, where we rest and assimilate the happenings of the day. Amid all the other components that complete this room, lighting is quintessential. Chances are that you use your bedroom for lounging, dressing, reading and completing an office assignment on your laptop.  Designing multiple lights will enable you to complete various tasks while giving the room a super ambience.

To start with, you will need a general light, which will shower the whole bedroom with light. An overhead fixture will come in handy, when looking for a lost sock or any other item. The fixture should carry the theme of the room. It is best if you think of it as another accent in the room.  For a dramatic experience, a chandelier or a lantern will be an excellent choice. If your home d├ęcor is modern, you can go with a chic pendant. Whatever style you settle on, it is good to have a dimmer in the bedroom to regulate the amount of light. If you place a chandelier at the center of the room hang, it is a little bit higher, to avoid hitting on it with your head.

In the bedroom, you will also need to make a consideration based on task lighting. Bedside lighting that provides close-range light is easily accessible while you are in bed.  Choose table lamps that blend with the bedside tables, this will create some balance in the room. Where space is limited, choose wall sconces.  To create a more attractive look, place the lamp in proportion to the bedside table and the bed. Where your bedside table is short, pick lamps that are taller to even the appearance. If you are married, then you understand what the mood of a room can do to your intimacy. You can use lights to create a romantic atmosphere for you and your significant other. For the best results, use several sources of light at varying heights.  For instance, place a floor lamp near a desk or a lounge chair. Place a lamp in the dresser or better still use candles of various colors. For that artistic piece you brought home from holiday, highlight it with a sconce.

Everybody is becoming energy-efficiency conscious, which is not bad move, since their efforts are saving the Mother Nature. As you choose your lights, it is best to buy lights that are more energy efficient. Some can be cheaper and therefore, tempting. However, they will only amplify your already overstretched power bill. In as much as you would want to save on your DIY project, always go for quality. Bedroom lighting can make the room to look more appealing. For flexibility, you can choose lights for different tasks and settings.  Lighting fixtures can be accent pieces by themselves and they can enhance what you already have. You can use them to attract attention to your glass jewelry box, favorite wall hanging and any other item you hold dear.

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