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Great Ways to Spruce up your Fireplace

Great Ways to Spruce up your Fireplace

If you want your fireplace-decorating project, to be a success, it is important to consider a few factors. First, do you want to change everything or just adding some zest into your existing décor? Regardless of your choice, repainting is one thing you cannot skip when revamping your fireplace. Finding paint, which will withstand the functions of a fireplace and enhance your interior decoration, is great start.

Overall, the process is easy and fun to carry out. With just a few hours, you will have completed the exercise. After giving a fresh coat of paint to the masonry, consider whether the mantel is in agreement with your fireplace-decorating project. Does the mantel compete or blend, with the décor? Check if it is attractive and with a clean finish. If not, consider looking for other mantel options, which will marry with your fireplace.

The fireplace mantel is always placed at the eye-level. Use this to your advantage to make a statement. Hang pictures, heirloom paintings and other antique collections over the fireplace, to beautify the space. Try placing the pictures in groups, to create an amazing effect. For smaller pictures or paintings, place them in asymmetrical groups, to come up with a contemporary design.

The next place that needs a DIY decorating touch is the hearth of your fireplace. When it comes to this area, balancing the effect will make an alluring outcome. For instance, choose topiary or a potted plant, to grace either side of the opening. Immaculately polished andirons also create a balanced effect. Where your mantel features sculptures, candles or vases on both sides, try evening out the design, by placing a glittering wood holder on one-end and fireplace tools on the other. If you want a plain look but rather sleek, try hanging a wreath over the mantel.

It does not matter whether you hardly use your fireplace. The place should be at its best, for your guests not to have a bad opinion about you.  In addition, you do not want it to look unattended. Place items such as flowers and other decorative pieces, to maintain it as a part of your home. You can also vary the decorations with seasons. Use cornucopia in the fall, flower arrangements in spring, a cluster of seashells and driftwood in summer and a basketful of pinecones in the winter.

Lastly, accessorize your fireplace with accents that work well with your living room. This will depend on the interior décor of the room. For a modern style, a pair of glass fireplace doors will work magic with firebox insert, masonry and prefabricated fireplaces. Your fireplace does not have to be the dumping place for your old items. On the contrary, it can be a part of your home décor. You do not need an interior designer to do this for you. Decorating a fireplace is the simplest and fastest way of pulling together the look of your living room. Most importantly, be creative to achieve any look that you have ever dreamt for your fireplace.

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