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DIY Tips to Make Life more Pleasant in your Home

DIY Tips to Make Life more Pleasant in your Home

We all would like to have a house that is completely free of clutter, at least we would like this to be true when we have guests drop by. The truth is that most of us have some clutter in our living rooms, kitchens, and dens, and most of us could benefit from knowing quick ways to disguise the clutter and make our house look beautiful in a short period of time.

One of the easiest ways to declutter a living room in a hurry is to toss everything into the hall closet. Of course after the guest have left you have to dig around in the hall closet hoping to find some of the items, like the remote to the television. Instead of hastily throwing things in the closet provide yourself with places to put these items in a hurry. You can hang a shoe organizer on the back of the hall closet door. Open the door and stash all of the papers, remotes, and other things that are strewn around the room in the organizer. When guests leave you will know exactly where your items are and will be able to get to them easily.

Decorate the room with a couple of ottomans that have storage compartments. You lift the lid and there is an empty space made for placing blankets or pillows. You can quickly straighten up a room and store everything that is out of place in the ottoman until the guests leave.

Wicker picnic baskets, with lids, make adorable decorations and if you have the need to you can store papers, remotes, keys, and many other small items of clutter in them in a real hurry. You can appear to have the clutter free home of your dreams and be the envy of all of your friends.

When it comes to stairs, we often do not like the plain wood of the stairs. If the wood is polished it creates a fall hazard in the home so many people by the rubber step protectors that keep you from easily slipping on the stairs. These no slip mats are not very attractive.

One way to keep the stairs safer and make them look pretty at the same time is for you to buy rug runners and place them on the stairs. The rug runners can be placed on top of the non-slip mats and they can be secured with double sided tape that goes beneath the runner. You can quickly create a lovely stairway that matches your décor and that is less slippery.

You can paint your stairs with paints that have grit included so that the stair is less slippery and the look is more appealing. You can use stencils and create a beautiful cascade of roses that will be painted with the slip resistant paint. Your imagination is the only thing holding you back.

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