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7 DIY Tips for Making Cost-Effective Home Decorations

7 DIY Tips for Making Cost-Effective Home Decorations

One of the commonest questions that interior decorators get from home owners is – how do you decorate your home on a budget? Well, if these questions sound like it is coming straight from your lips, you need to read this. Here are some DIY tips that will help you upgrade your home décor even on a shoe-string budget:

1. Breathe New Life to Old Furniture

As in literally! If you have ever laid your eyes on a beautiful hand-painted dresser but wasn’t able to acquire it due to its shocking price tag, all is not lost. With a little imagination and creativity, you can be able to create a similar look for a fraction of the price. All you need to do is to invest in a good paint and a few paint brushes. You can the cover your old furniture with a new paint, which make them look as good as new.

2. Hang Plates

If you thought that plates only belong in the kitchen and on the dining room, you are wrong. You can now use those plates that you rarely eat from to make a fresh wall arrangement. Choose different colors, sizes and textures, and place the most dramatic plate at the center. You can then attach wire plate hangers and hang your plates on picture nails.

3. Hang a Gallery of Photos

Remember those birthday party photos you buried in a drawer? How about those wedding photos you keep searching for whenever someone asks for them? Or maybe it’s the vacations pictures and “selfies” that are still on your smartphone. If you have some nice photos that you wouldn’t mind sharing, why not display them nicely? Hanging a gallery of photos nicely is undoubtedly one of the diy home projects that will not cost you a thing.

4. Stack your Books

If you are a self-proclaimed bookworm, you will be surprised at how creative you can be if you decided to stack up your collection of books. You can turn them all into a really decorative element by stacking them both vertically and horizontally. If your shelves are not deep or high enough to hold oversized books, you can opt to stack the books on a flat surface such as an end table or a bench.

5. Cluster Candles

Turns out that candles are good for more than just light and scent. When you cluster them together, they will not only help you to set the mood right, but they can also become an integral part of your diy home décor. You can assemble them on spacious surfaces such as the coffee table as well as on glass containers.

6. Mix Colors, Patterns and Textures

Another way in which you can bring excitement into a room is by mixing colors, patterns and textures. Try setting small patterns against large ones while limiting your palette. You can keep the look cohesive by using patterns from the same color family and contrast their scale. The colors should be cohesive too.

7. Bring Nature Home

Nature provides you with endless options for your diy home projects. From shells and river rocks to wood and clay; they can all give your interior décor a massive boost. Furthermore, they are quite durable.

Those are just but some of the ideas and diy tips that call for a little imagination, a little creativity and a little or no money. You can use those ideas to add instant style to any interior décor. Another good thing is that you don’t have to involve an interior decorator to give you a hand. You can do that all by yourself. It’s fun too!

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