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Decorating Your Walls: Paintings Vs. Posters

Decorating Your Walls: Paintings Vs. Posters

Let us imagine that you have decorated and furnished your entire place, and there is one tiny thing is left to attend to: the walls. You might have hanged the wallpaper, and took care of the lights, but something about the walls still bothers you. The fact is that even with the best designer wallpaper, the walls will look bare. A painting or a poster, however, will change the story completely.


Let us start with fine art, the paintings. It is a good thing if you paint yourself; this will save you money, and it will allow you some practice. It is a fact that you will tend to make the paintings look really good, so that everyone in your household is satisfied with the result. In case you are not a painter, there is nothing wrong with buying someone else’s work to put on the walls. Surely, your friends would be endlessly jealous if you have the original by a well-known artist. This, however, happens too rarely, and the best option would be to buy copies of famous paintings.

The form of a painting matters no less than the content, and it is the former that can be utilized in a variety of ways in your apartment. For example, you can use paintings to make your ceiling seem higher that it is in reality. To achieve this effect, you should just group framed works of art on a wall; it also should be the wall where one of the objects is already leaning on it. For example, you might want to place five to six paintings over a sofa, one next to another and below/above it at the same time. It can be tricky, but it is more than manageable.

There are tips from artist and designers, which are related to a relationship between art and TV. For example, did you know that a TV screen can perfectly fit in an arrangement of different rectangular paintings, so that it can also be perceived like a piece of art? In this way, you can set an ever-changing composition, with a TV screen in the centre, where channels can be switched ten times an hour!


We have grown in the times when it was really cool to have posters on the walls. The most popular kids had their walls stacked with favorite performers and bands, and they were considered the coolest in the class. However, when people grow up, their tastes in music undergo transformation; the musical posters on one’s wall which they have acquired with sweat and blood have been given away with a light heart.

In the world of ‘grown-ups’ we have an advantage to choose the best fitting posers and change them as soon as they get old or as soon as we want ‘something different.’ Besides, not posters are band merchandise. There are many of them being inspirational phrases with ‘artsy’ backgrounds; there are ones with different jokes; there are some with even the most famous photos and fine art pieces. Moreover, your tastes are not changing this much as compared to when you are over 25. You can sometimes catch a real diamond from the sea of mass culture products, so you might want to risk.

It is really a decision of one’s own, to go either for a poster or a painting. The latter is always more expensive. So, if the budget is not an obstacle, you should be searching for a perfect set of paintings. Besides, paintings are available in different forms and styles. You can just choose what you like the best, and you will certainly find it!

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Furnishing Ideas

Furnishing Ideas

Furnishing is about internal home decoration, in house decoration that is my phrase for decorating the inner part of the house.  Its major ingredients are saving on space, adding color to you room, appropriate lighting and having some order in the house.  You could also thing about as having the right furniture which give you a personal taste and indeed simply put this could be do- it- yourself kind of a thing or you could have an expert do it for you at a cost.  The choice is yours.

Let us begin with creating space and just having the right angles in the proper places whether it is in the kitchen, dining room, or bed room, space is central to creating a home out of a house.  You would not like to leave in a room where everything is everywhere.  You need plenty of space between all your wares and it is interesting how rounded off angles create better space that angular ones.

Color has great effect on us whether we are conscious of it or not color gives us taste.  Have you ever salivated over a meal just because it looks tasty? It looks tasty! Very interesting do you see that taste is to tongue and site is to looks?  Indeed what we see affects us wholesomely so let us make our rooms look, not tasty but homely and welcoming and color does that to us in a very subtle way.  Have you roof or ceiling very brightly colored, sat in white or in some cream white color depending on what makes you feel at home.

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Go Further than Lamps and Paint with Light

Go Further than Lamps and Paint with Light

While furniture and wall paint and striking decoration make up the homes we live in, there is a more intangible element that shapes the way each room feels – light.  The way a room is lit completely alters the way the mood and feel of a room.  Light is one of the key factors to every home and every room and is something that can help you sculpt and paint the feel of each individual room.  One of the great things about playing with lighting is there are so many different ways to use light.  It can be played with endlessly and with the modern advancements in LED lighting, we have access to powerful light sources that are small and versatile.

Light the Dark Corners

So where should you add light?  How about anywhere.  Keep an eye out when you're out in the world – pay attention to how things are lit and the moods they conjure.  Restaurants, bars, movie theaters, offices, everywhere.  Everywhere we go there are specific lighting setups that conjure certain moods and can inspire us to sculpt light in our own homes.  One such interesting way to add depth in previously bland spots are adding light to our shelving units.  Whether they be for clothing, decorations, books, or more – adding a highlight to the underside above a shelf can highlight and add depth that was previously non-existent. 

Another idea would be to line the back or top molding of the same shelving unit with a string of rope lights or LED strands to throw a soft glowing border onto the adjacent wall or ceiling.  It adds a gorgeous glow and makes it pop against the wall.  Another spot to utilize these lights is the underside of cabinets in our kitchens.  Sometimes the early morning calls for subtle lighting and adding accent lights to the underside of our cabinets can be the perfect balance of illuminating our counter space without blasting our eyes out early in the morning.  And these are just a few small ways to sculpt with light.

Get Creative

Playing with light is all about getting creative, and there are so many ways to do so.  One such interesting way utilizes Christmas rope lights.  You can use them to make shapes or even words on your wall by simply snaking the light around some well-placed nails.  The shapes or words are up to you, but it's an interesting way to add wall decoration and light simultaneously.  Another trend is to utilize Edison bulbs inside everything from glass balls, mason jars, beer bottles, and more.  They give off a homemade, rustic feel that is not only stylish at the moment but as unique as you can imagine it to be.  And of course there are the new flame-less candles that are the perfect mood and nightlight for coffee tables, dark hallway corners, stairs, or stacking inside over sized glass vases.  Light is malleable and fluid, with an endless number of ways to utilize its powers.  There are the obvious lamps, chandeliers, and overhead lighting sources but it doesn't need to stop there.  Lighting sources have become smaller and more versatile giving us an endless number of ways to sculpt with light and get creative.

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Decorate and Organize Your Kitchen in One Fell Swoop

Decorate and Organize Your Kitchen in One Fell Swoop

For some people, the kitchen is the most important room in the house.  There's no denying its importance or the amount of use that every kitchen is subject to.  It can also be one of the best places in any home to decorate and change the scenery.  It's a place that's in constant use and is ever-evolving in the ways it can be decorated and organized depending on the day, season, or year.  Part of what makes decorating the kitchen so fun is that the goal of kitchen décor is to inspire us to use it more.  People have become more in-tune with the food they eat and what they put into their bodies – driving millions back into their kitchens to turn out home-cooked specialties.  Along the way, why not make it look good?

Utility as Décor

Decorating the kitchen with an eye toward inspiration is an excellent way to go.  Filling out counter space with our polished cookware or kitchen gadgets is not only useful but it's inviting.  Seeing our toys and tools can give you the extra push to make an extra meal instead of stopping at a drive-thru on the way to work or on your way home.  And not only that, it can look good!  The same goes for over-sized glass storage jars.  Filling these jars with the staples – flour, sugar, pasta, etc – is an excellent way to add a clean, interesting look to your kitchen as well as remind us that we have plenty of ingredients around to whip something up for dinner.  The kitchen is one of the few rooms in the house were having things out in plain sight is actually a positive thing.

Hooks & Organization

With these gadgets and appliances and cookware and utensils – a kitchen can be a nightmare to organize.  Or you can make it work for you as decoration.  There are an abundance of places in every kitchen to add a small set of decorative hooks – the side or inside of cabinets, the refrigerator, inside pantry doors, counter backslash, and many more.  From here you can keep everything from pots and pans, hand towels, measuring cups, mugs, and much more.  And the fun part here is that all of these things are so customizable and come in such a variety of colors and styles and textures – they're sure to add some extra texture and color to round out the look of every kitchen.  The key to a functional kitchen is to keep things organized and there are plenty of ways to both organize and decorate simultaneously.

Every kitchen is different and there are certain spaces that require strictly organization or strictly decoration.  One of the keys to decorating any kitchen is to try and find a way to find items that do both.  You don't want to hide away everything in the kitchen because it's a place where ease-of-use and a quick grab is essential to the functionality of the room.  So embrace the necessity to have things out on display by making them look appealing and inspiring at the same time.

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A Story Your Sofa Tells

A Story Your Sofa Tells

When furnishing your home, you will probably think of the living room and what goes there. One of the high priority items that you need to take care of is a sofa. Not only should it represent the overall mood of your apartment, but provide a perfect spot for you and your guests to rest.

Of all the elements of furniture, sofa is the one that can tell your story in a better way than any other piece. It will immediately inform the people who arrive at your place of what kind of a person you are. They will sit on your couch and feel the energy of your home, whether it is welcoming or inspiring, or creative. Let us hear the three stories and take a closer look at the respective ideas for a sofa at your apartment.

The story of art

Your living room is the place for self-expression and experiments. This area of your home is shared with everybody, including those who live there and those who just comes by. There is no better way to show your artistic nature to others than to furnish the living room in a unique way that bears your own signature.

A Spanish surrealist painter, Salvador Dali, was fascinated by the actress Mae West. Probably, he was looking for a way to share his amazement by this woman’s appearance when he created the famous wood-and-satin Mae West Lips sofa. Although it has been immediately acquired by Edward James, a poet and an admirer of the surrealists, the item has become iconic. Red and lips-shaped, its replicas decorate now hundreds of homes all over the world. Of course, when looking for something this eccentric, be sure to obtain a few more interesting decor items. For example, it goes best with something like the Lobster Telephone.

The story of work

If you are a busy person, your living room might serve as either a waiting room or a personal office. In the first case, a plain leather couch will best suit your guests when they pay you a visit. In the second case, the choice of a sofa will completely depend on your personal preferences, as well as on your idea of comfort.

One of the most iconic couches in the world is the one which stood in Sigmund Freud’s office. The famous psychoanalyst has used it for his patients to lie down and relax. Only after their total relaxation on the couch, he could start his treatment of words. You might remember of this story when you are after a furniture piece which will ensure both peace of mind and insights. To secure the most comfort, you might also want to cover the sofa with a blanket or put several cushions on it.

The story of entertainment

Friends, The Simpsons, and The Big Bang Theory all have in common the fact that the best moments have been associated with the couch. It serves as a meeting place for all the characters; no matter what they do, the viewer knows that they will always come back together sharing the sofa. Your couch might also tell a story of your family while reserving an area where you all can communicate with each other.

Each sofa has a potential of becoming the central character of your apartment’s story. When choosing it, think of the message it will deliver to everyone who sits on it.

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