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Printing for both Front and Back Sides of Window Shades

Printing for both Front and Back Sides of Window Shades

Ostanding is now offering their customers the option to have custom window shades that have one pattern printed on one side of the shade and another pattern printed on the other side of the shade. This will give you the most interesting window shades in town.

Ostanding’s new double printed window shades will allow you to hang a shade that have something you find very attractive that will show on the exterior portion of the room, and then something you find very appropriate that will show on the exterior portion of the house when people look at your windows. You might have a beautiful portrait of a butterfly on a flower petal showing on the interior of your dressing room, but when the world walks past your window and looks at it they may see a geometric design created from circles of different colors.

We all know that the only way too truly block light from seeping through a shade is to have extremely dark colors on the shade. Dark colors can be very dull and boring, but when you have a room where someone has to get sleep in the daytime hours, or a room that has a television monitor and you want no light interfering with your monitor you choose the drab, dark colored shades.

With the dual side printing that Ostanding now offers, you can have one side of the shade printed in a solid dark color. Then on the other side of the shade you can have any image that you find pleasing printed on it. This will allow you to close the shade so that the dark side faces the exterior portion of the house and thus blocks the sun light from seeping through and making the interior of the room lighter. Yet on the inside of the room you will see an image that goes well with your décor and personality and not just a drab solid colored window shade pulled completely down.

These double sided shades are wonderful for large patio doors. On the interior portion of the room, you can have a beautiful picture that makes the room feel warm and cozy, and on the exterior, you can do any other portrait that you desire. You might want to do a fun beach scene, or a majestic depiction of mountains in the distance. You might want to do pictures of the family dog, or of other animals that you find amusing. All you really need is a little imagination, a little inspiration, and a window to hang the shade on.

The double sided shades are only going to raise the price of the average custom shade by thirty dollars. That is a very low price considering the details that will go into stamping the material with the images that the customer has chosen.

Ostanding has always provided their customers with a huge selection of images, and designs that they could choose to have put on their window shades. They have also always allowed their customers to upload their own images, portraits, land-scapes, and designs for use on their shades. Ostanding still allows the customer all of these privileges with the double sided shades.

When you visit the web site that Ostanding has set up you will be able to browse through all of the images, and designs, they have on hand to make your custom shades from. You will also still have the option to upload the images that you want from your private collection. You must still make certain that the images you provide for the creation of your shades are not the personal, or intellectual, property of anyone else, but other than that you are free to use your imagination and create designs that you feel will enhance the beauty of your room.

Window Shade Styles and Variations

        •Sheer-Weave shades can be Roman or Roller style. This variation is created by using a material that has thousands of tiny perforations in the fabric. The little perforations allow the natural light from outdoors to penetrate while still eliminating glare, and providing privacy for the interior of the room.

       •Backlit is designed to create more privacy for the occupants of the room, and still allow the sunlight to penetrate. The backlit shades also enhance the beauty of the images printed on them. The light showcases the images and makes them appear even more vibrant than they already are.

       •Block-out shades stop the light from penetrating into the room. They also provide the ultimate amount of privacy. These shades are perfect to use in conference rooms where you often have to show slides or videos to customers, because they stop all exterior light from causing a glare on the screen. These shades also allow you to completely darken a room so people who work shift work can sleep more comfortably in the middle of the day.

Digital Printing Sublimation

Ostanding uses a dye-sublimation printing technique to transfer the images that the customer wants on their shades to the actual fabric that will be the shade. 

These dye sublimation printers are computer printers that use a process of heat applications to make the transfer of the dyes onto the materials they are trying to imprint. Using dye sublimation printing you can transfer images onto materials like plastic, card stock, paper, and fabrics.

The most common process of using these dye sublimation printers is a process of transferring one color at a time onto the material being printed. This is done by having the different colored dyes stored in ribbons made of polyester. When the printing cycle starts the printer will roll the medium and one of the ribbons of color at a time so that they are under the thermal printing head and the tiny heating elements found in the thermal heating head will apply the necessary amounts of heat to the different areas so that the correct amount of color is transferred from the ribbon onto the material. This process is repeated until all of the different colors that are needed to have been sent through the heating process.

When the dyes are heated up, they turn into a gas substance. The gas is capable of being diffused onto the material and then when the gas cools off it will solidify and create the image that you see on the final product.

Ostanding has developed a way to print their material using this process so that each side of the material can be diffused with different colors to create different patterns on the opposing sides of the item.

This type of imprinting allows Ostanding to use the patterns, and images, they have in stock, and to use any pattern, or image, that their customer provides to them to create the most amazing shades.

The use of dye sublimation printers allows Ostanding to create seamless shades on material so the images are truer to the images that the customer uploaded. The only draw-back is that the final image that is printed on the material is slightly lighter in color than the image the customer provides. The quality of the image is still high, but the colors will be slightly lighter than what the consumer might expect.

The other alternative to the dye sublimation printing for these shades would be to use textile printing. Textile printing has been around for quite some time, but dye sublimation printing has a lot of benefits that textile printing does not have.

The Advantages of dye sublimation printing include:

·The dyes that are used in dye sublimation printing do not have a tendency to build up on the fabric they are being printed on

·The images will be permanent when they are placed on the fabric and the customer will not have to worry that the images will peel off of the fabric as the item ages

·The colors that are used can be brighter and more brilliant than the colors that could be used with the old textile style of printing

·You can achieve continuous tones like the ones you see in photographs

·The image you are printing can be printed over the entire item right up to the edge of the shade

·The only drawback is the fact that the speed of this type of printing is very slow compared to the speed of textile printing

Creativity and Individuality are encouraged

At Ostanding, we encourage our customers to be creative when making their shades. We have supplied a shade image generator on our website that the customer can use to see what their shade is going to look like. This shade image generator gives you the option of changing the layout, or placing the image on the generator in different ways so you can see the results before you order.

You can choose from three basic layouts when you are making a custom shade. When you are making a custom shade the layout you choose will usually be dependent on the images that you have chosen to put on the material. For this reason, you should consider the two sides of your shades very carefully when you are having different images painted on each side.

You want to make certain that the layout you chose is right for the images on each side of the shade. It will take you a little more time to decide which images to use, and to decide what the most appropriate layout will be, but in the end, you will be happier with the results of your shades.

Bear in mind that the shade you are designing is a custom order and the only reasons that you can return the item is, if it is defective. The item cannot be sent back because you decide that the layout choice was wrong, or because you measured your window incorrectly.

Measure your windows correctly to get the right fit

All shades will have some slight gaps at the sides that might let in some light, and could possibly even let someone have the ability to glimpse a small portion of the room from the exterior. This has nothing to do with the way your shade was made, but some of these gaps can be lessened if you measure the window opening carefully before ordering.

In order to get an absolute perfect fit of your window shade you should measure the width of the window three times and then choose the least of the measurements as your final one. Measure the width using a tape measure and starting at the top of the window. Then move down to the mid-section of the window. Then finally go to the bottom section of the window and measure there. The smallest number that you come up with is the width you want you shade to be designed.

To measure the height you are going to use the tape measure and once again, you are going to measure the window opening three times, but this time you are going to use the largest number you come up with as your final height. Measure the window opening on the left side first, and then move your tape to the mid-section of the opening and measure it there, and then move to the far right side of the opening and measure it there. The largest number is the height, or length that you want your new window shades to be.

Configuring the price of the double sided shade

Ostanding knows that people want to have unique, beautiful things in their homes, and they know that people do not have a lot of money to spend on these items. The people at Ostanding are working people just like you or I and they strive to keep their items affordably priced so that other working people can have them.

When you decide what layout you want for your shade, and the image you want for your shade, and you have typed the dimensions of the window into the shade generator on the website then you will be shown the price of the item you are going to be ordering. That is the price for a custom shade that has one picture on one side of it, but if you want to get your custom shade made with a different image on each side you can simply add thirty dollars to the price the shade generator showed you.

The additional thirty dollars cover the printing for the other side, and you will not have to pay for extra materials because it will not take any extra materials to create your shade. You will not have to pay for extra shipping and handling because the shade will ship for the same amount of money as it would have if there were only one image printed on it.

The only other price change that you might incur is the increase to the sales tax because of the increase of the price. Other than that you are only going to pay thirty additional dollars and get a shade that has a new picture on each side of it.

Other options for you to consider

You will have some other options to consider when you are ordering a custom shade with the printing being different on each side. You will get to choose how you want the shade to roll up. You can have the shade roll up so that the material is closer to the glass of the window, or you can have the shade roll up so that the material is further away from the glass.

The further the material is from the glass of the window the easier it is for you to hide the mounting brackets that you use to hang the shade on. This means that picture windows or windows that have cranks on them might be better suited to having their shades roll up with the material being as far away from the glass of the window as possible.

You also get to choose on what side to put your pull chains and cords. You are the one that has to operate the pull cord that will lower, or lift, the material onto the tube of the shade that is positioned at the top of the window. You need to think about where you will stand to operate this cord and have it put on the side that will be easiest for you to reach when you are opening and closing it.

You will not need anything more complicated than a screwdriver to install your new window shade with. You will need a tape measure and most people also like to have a level handy, so they can make sure the shade is level.

You do not need to hire a professional installation person, but you need to know that not all window frames are perfectly level and square. When you hang your new shade on a frame that is not leveled or square the fabric may not properly roll up onto the tube. For this reason, you take a level and make sure the shade brackets are hung level and not just hung to match the window frame. The problem with this method is that you might have a window shade that looks like it is hung improperly and you may have to answer the question of why you hung it in that manner from every person that comes into the room.

Designing custom printed shades can give you the option to use no other window treatment over a window or doorway. The shades are going to be interesting to look at so you will not need curtains to accent them.

Having the shade with printing on each side will allow you to hang them on doors that open into other rooms and create dramatic scenes for each room. A lot of offices share a sliding glass door, or a large glass wall between them, and in many older homes, there are rooms that have French doors dividing them. The double sided shades will allow each room to have their own sense of style, and décor.


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