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Frosted Glass Window An Easy Advantage

Frosted Glass Window An Easy Advantage


Trends have changed from simple to modern. People adopted things which create uniqueness and comfort in their life. In past few years people were unable to even imagine all technologies which we are born in. Frosted glass window is one of them. The name is chosen as frosted glass because it creates effect of frost on window artificially. You just use sheet or spray to spread or paste on window.  Everyone likes the effect as in winter season windows become frosted.


It has many advantages. Firstly, frosted glass window enhances privacy because no one can see through from it. It does not means that it blocks light; it allows enough light to pass through it. Secondly, it creates a beautiful look both from inside and outside. You can use both plain and decorated frosted window in rooms, bathrooms and other glass separations. Thirdly, you do not need to buy expensive curtains for every window; curtains need some extra care while frost needs lessor care and could be cleaned easily. Another benefit is, it controls temperature in high conditions and blocks direct sun rays and heat. It is observed that rooms with frosted glass window are less hot in summers.

How to use

Besides a modern look they are available in different colors and of course not much expensive. The other add-on feature is they are easy to use and even a lay man can use frosted glass window spray easily. Just put the nozzle on and spray it with enough distance between spray and window to allow smoother look. You can coat as many times as you want to have a desired smooth look. But always make sure to clean glass thoroughly before applying frost. You can also find a complete video on how to use it on you tube.

If you are bored or due to any reason your frosted glass window received tearing, you can easily remove it with hot water, razor or warm hair dryer. It will be easily peeled off.  After removing you can paste another new one. All this could be done with lessor effort.

For customer ease and comfort there are many online stores and home delivery systems for frosted glass window. Payment methods are easy plus a variety of products are available. You only need to login and place your order. Many companies provide services also, so, if you are not willing to do it yourself you can purchase their services at convenient prices.


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