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Different Window Treatment Options and Its Trending

Different Window Treatment Options and Its Trending


Window treatment options provide a way for you to make your room elegant and stylish at the same time. There are many options available that help you create an appealing ambiance around your house.

Repurpose bed sheets

To apply this kind of window treatment options you don’t have to be a designer or perfect in crafting curtain ideas, all you need is to know the basic sewing skills to be applied and the bed sheets that you don’t plan to use in future. You can sew and create different patterns by joining them up and making a curtain adding into your cart of window treatment options.

Painted linen curtains

If you have a knowledge of basic painting ideas on fabric then this is one of the windowtreatment options that you may find super stylish to opt for. All you need is a piece of curtain and paints to design over it. It will add an element of uniqueness to it as well.

Vintage doorknob tie backs

This is again an amazing idea for applying a different window treatment option to your room; use of vintage doorknob tie backs will give your curtain a different look. Though it is among the most cost effective window treatment options which also gives a central point to the room applied.

Stenciled monogram valence

If you apply this option in your room it will give a look of charm and elegance in your room. It is comprised of a valence option followed by a stenciled monogram. It will also give the room a customized look. Which is not an easy thing to imitate, and also not available in the market, so it will create a unique yet useful ambiance.

No sew Pennant valance

This type of window treatment option does not require sewing something. It is most ideal for hanging in the room for kids. This option is for those who want to have a sporty look in their room; you just have to simply tie pennants made from felt and hang them by aligning them with rod.

Gold chains tie back

Window treatment options are there to provide you with different and unique ideas; hence this option is what this statement indicates you to have. You just need to have a heavy weight chain, spray it with you choice of color and add an appeal to your window as well as your room. This tie back option adds sparkle and style to your room.

Knotted chiffon café curtains

To make this window treatment option you ought to have scissors chiffon fabric and a curtain rod. These knotted curtains add a breeze of serenity to your room by having a flowy appearance and style.


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