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Bathroom Window Curtains a Simple Luxury

Bathroom Window Curtains a Simple Luxury

In today’s fast growing interior decoration trends and highly increasing consumer demands and taste towards luxurious lifestyle bathroom window curtains lie among the long list of these decorations. As people are using different kinds of new accessories for their bathrooms including showers, mirrors, sinks, toilet seats, lights and so is the designing and of window and its curtains is equally important as it gives a lovely and charming look to the window.

Price and Suppliers of Bathroom Window Curtains

Even though its market is usually for upper class and upper-middle class, yet its prices are very flexible depending upon the quality and material, which makes it affordable for normal class people. There are multiple suppliers worldwide who offer different bathroom window curtains at different prices China is one of the biggest suppliers of providing customer featured curtains i.e. its pattern, color, size and material.

For the customers ease online buying and selling facility has also been provided to the customers at their door steps. These online dealers take orders and specifications online and then deliver the ordered stuff to customers in an appointed date. Following are the some of the biggest production companies:

·  Ningbo Shengjiang Seals Products factory China

·  Fuzhou Hongrui Co., Ltd

·  Wenzhou Maya Trading Co., Ltd

·  Tianjin Linky Sense E-Commerce Co., Ltd

Different Materials

In the beginning of the bathroom window curtains designing there were only few types of cloth of which these curtains were made of, but now, there are several materials of which these curtains are made of, some of these are as follows:

·  Net curtains

·  Silk curtains

·  Linen curtains

·  Polyester curtains

·  Plastic curtains

·  Cotton mix curtains etc.

Usually people prefer polyester window curtains and same as their shower curtains because they are less expensive and easy to clean.

Brands and Techniques

Besides the different local suppliers there are some worldwide famous suppliers who provide guaranteed bathroom window curtains to its customers by using different techniques such as; woven, knitted, embroidered etc. some of different brand names include:

·  Hansfi


·  Botai


·  Chengjiang

·  J.S.L

Different Styles of Bathroom Window Curtains

As discussed above, the suppliers provide their customers with ease of use, besides the features mentioned above they also provide different styles of bathroom window curtains, some of these styles are as follows:

·  Roman style

·  Jacquard style

·  Roll-up-shade

·  Stripe style

·  Slat style

·  Venetian

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