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Attractive DIY Recycled Jewelry

Attractive DIY Recycled Jewelry


Every woman from around the world wears jewelry. Irrespective of what type of material is used in making jewelry women wear jewelry according to their affordability. It is observed that handmade unique pieces of jewelry are much more expensive and eye catching. People from different areas of the world create jewelry from raw items and different ornaments are made for men and women. Trends have changed in few areas and men also started using jewelries like rings, ear studs and chains.

There are number of items in our home which we think are useless but we can create DIY recycled jewelry from them with lessor effort. By doing so, we will save money and invent something new using our own brains. Plastic, metals, kitchen utensils, tire tubes, and many more items could be used for DIY recycled jewelry making. By using different wasted items into useful things helps growing your creative side and also let you help nature as this will help environment and make you eco-friendly. You can even use newspapers and other papers for making such items.

Tips for making Diy recycled jewelry

1.     If you have an old belt and you want to utilize it in making some new item, you can easily make bracelets from it.

2.     Every home has old teaspoons which have decorated handle you can cut off the handle and mold it to make a great looking ring.

3.     Another example of DIY recycled jewelry is using belt and spoon together to make a bracelet with metal design.

4.     If you have an old jean and some beads and other broken old necklaces you can create a new bracelet or cuff with them.

There are other hundreds of ideas which could be found easily over internet along with steps of how to create jewelry. You only need to write DIY recycled jewelry and here are your details. So always think twice before throwing things away one way or another they are useful.

Why to reuse items

In today’s world, 3R concept is gaining weight rapidly. 3R stands for Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. Different cities of different countries in the world have adopted these techniques to reduce toxic waste which is producing day by day in huge amount. These wastes not only pollute land and water but also the whole environment because when these wastes are burned different gases are emitted which mix up with air and effects health when we inhale. They also cause acid rains and spread allergies and gradually destroy heritage buildings. The biggest effect is breaking of ozone which is very dangerous for human life. So, one way to help nature is to create DIY recycled jewelry.


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