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6 Styles of Bathroom Window Treatments

6 Styles of Bathroom Window Treatments


Bathroom window treatments have three main goals: privacy, allow some light in to brighten up the room and decoration. This article lists 6 ways you can creatively personalize your bathrooms. However, the style you choose must compliment your bathroom’s ceramics, color and atmosphere.

1.     Blinds

The most common way people cover their bathroom windows is by using blinds.  Now, there are several types of blinds you may find: roman, plastic white, wooden, screen and bamboo. The choices are varied, as well as the colors available. The good thing about using blinds is they can be adjustable. You can close them completely or roll them up.  Bamboo sand woven wood can give a very natural and organic natural feel to your bathroom.

2.     Curtains

Curtains are also the most popular choice to cover windows. They can be half curtains, long, European and the list continues. Curtains can also be customized to be closed or open or half-way open. They can be washed, replaced or used in combination with other types of window treatments.

3.     Stained Glass

This choice is not so popular but does give the bathroom your own style and ambiance. They can be colored, abstract, have specific designs or themes, elegant or symmetrical. This option is good for you if you want some creativity in your bathroom window treatment. Also, they provide privacy and can be easily cleaned. Not so easy to replace and require a more complicated set-up. The price may also vary along with the size and the design and are more expensive than the options mentioned above. Colored windows create amazing patterns and light refraction. It’s a very beautiful sight, especially if you are relaxing in a bathtub.

4.     Glass Blocks

Glass blocks are a great way to obtain light. Their thickness also allows privacy. They come in different patterns and can cause interesting view when exposed to light. They can even receive a stained glass treatment. Blocks offer some degree of modern appeal to the room and can be designed to open. Finally, because of the way they are designed they allow more light distribution throughout the room. Glass blocks can be used in to separate areas in the bathroom or as a replacement for shower curtains. This bathroom window treatment could offer a whole make-over to the space.

5.   Arctic glass

Glass can also be treated in a certain way to provide different beveled effects, such as arctic glass. It’s a type of melted effect that can be achieved and looks similar to glass blocks. The bevel refracts the light and allows privacy.

6.     One way glass window

Finally, there is the one way glass bathroom, window treatment which allows light in and view but prevents sight from the exterior. This type of glass is most commonly used by business buildings but still is a viable option for your bathroom.


In order to pick the right bathroom window treatments think about your personal style. If you are doing a complete remodelling of your bathroom you can pretty much choose any style that you like and then pair it up with the right ceramic. If you are just looking to change the style of the window, it needs to add balance and harmony to the rest of the design that’s already present. Also, think about the price range and the care or cleaning that each style requires.


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