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What Does It Make To Establish English Landscaping Styles?

What Does It Make To Establish English Landscaping Styles?

They are stately and they give any space an instant facelift. How do you manage to successfully recreate the authentic English landscape? What are some of the key features that should guide you?

1. Boxwood hedges

Neatly clipped and always maintained - prim and proper, the boxwood hedges are one key feature of the English garden. These could be varied in height as well as in expanse and in some cases they would even be used to make mazes around the landscape.

The garden rooms created would create a sense of adventure and excitement as one moves around the outdoor space and they would also be used to enhance the privacy of sitting areas located at different points on the landscape.

2. Geometry

The English garden heavily relied on geometry. Such that with an aerial view, you could notice several aspects such as centered walkways, and the combination of circular and rectangular shapes to give rise to a landscape that depicts a sense of order. 

Do not use free-flowing curvy borders because no matter how attractive they may be; they are not a depiction of the English style. The English only use geometric shapes and this is what gives the landscape a sense of formality and stateliness.

3. Natural materials

Materials such as thatch, bluestone, limestone, cobble and formal brick were widely used. The trick here is to use the very same materials used to construct the house, such that a sense of unity would be achieved between the house and the garden. This way, they would both be viewed as one feature and not two separate entities. 

But when using the natural materials, make sure you do not end up mixing up too many of them. You could just settle for one or two classic materials and work only with that. Repeat it within the garden to create a sense of continuity in the outdoor space.  

4. Variety

Another aspect is to use plants that change throughout the year. This would break the monotony by giving the garden different looks at different times of the year and it would also give a sense of the season currently in. Combining summer blooms, fall foliage, winter berries and spring’s bulbs would bring a sense of excitement as it would connect one to the outdoor space. When designing the English garden remember this very important aspect.

5. Annuals 

A lavish display of annuals is one major characteristic of the English kind of landscape. Planting this symmetrically would draw the eyes to certain features that you would like to highlight. Such features may be the pathway, the entry points or even a focal point within the landscape. The advantage of annuals over perennials and shrubs is that there are annuals, which can bloom for five months at a time.  

6. Riotous flowerbeds

What distinctly brings out the English garden is the combination of riotous color and the refined clam of the surrounding; owing mostly to the geometric shapes used. This is what makes the English garden standout.  Do not shy away from having some random splashes of color in the flowerbeds. They all blend together with the surroundings in the end. 

Stick to one focal point rather than play around with many focal points.

With the English garden, you just have to remember one key aspect “less is more”. Do not make the space too busy as this will just make it confusing and unappealing.

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