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How to Help your Client Unlock the Beauty of Landscaping

How to Help your Client Unlock the Beauty of Landscaping

Landscaping cannot be done by just anybody. It calls for creativity and skills. As an exterior designer, it is your responsibility to listen to the clients and advise them accordingly on various issues relating to the garden design. You are in the best position to tell them the best plants to place on the pathways, water features and the like. It is the harmonization of landscape elements that makes all the difference.

A few tips on designing a beautiful landscape for homeowners

1. Consider the size, style and shape of your home

For the best outcome, it is important for the landscape design to tie-in with the rest of the house.  Its main purpose should be to complement the home rather than distracting it. The idea is to have a smooth transition from the interiors to the landscape. This will help the client to know the available options for their kind of landscape. As an exterior designer, making the client understand, this will reduce the number of questions they will ask when you make various choices. 

2. Have a plan in mind

Before you think of bringing in trees, furniture, water features and other related elements, consider the size of the garden design. This is important and when dealing with trees. Shrubs and trees that will have extensive growth will eventually block pathways and views. Ensure that every feature takes its space without restricting other functionalities of the landscape.

3. Effective drainage matters

For a beautiful landscape, the plants must meet the soil requirements. Sometimes, it is difficult to make clients to change their minds on certain choice of outdoor plants. Since you are the professional, it is your duty to explain to them the technicalities and the science behind it. Encourage them to embrace the plants in the other yards.

4. Use the steep places in the yard to your advantage

Sometimes, one wonders what to do with imperfections in the landscape. You can use them to improve the curb appeal of the garden. Steep places can act as natural seating place in the garden. You can also create a water feature around it and let the water to flow like in the case of a natural waterfall.

5. Use boulders in the garden to decorate the landscape

If the garden has boulders, they can be placed on either side of the pathways. In addition, the extra stones can be crashed to produce gravel for the walkways. By doing this, you will create an appealing garden while saving on the cost of the home improvement project. Boulders can also be used to make great water features.

6. Add perfect outdoor lighting and furniture

Outdoors are meant to give people relaxation both at night and during the day. Lighting is an important inclusion in the exterior design plan. It is needed to illuminate and accentuate the area at twilight. Comfortable and appealing furniture is necessary to make the landscape inviting and enjoyable for both guests and family.  

Regardless of whether one has a small landscape or an expansive garden, the above tips can help to make the most out of the space available. Most importantly, you should ensure landscaping elements are in harmony with the home design.

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