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Ways for Saving Energy in a Smart Home to help you lower power bill

Ways for Saving Energy in a Smart Home to help you lower power bill

Smart home products ensure your life is more convenient, safer, and fun. Besides, they can also enable you to cut on your energy consumption and in the end, helps to save some money. By having such energy efficient appliances at home, you display your concern for the Mother Nature, while keeping your energy expenditures at a minimum. It would interest you to know that by investing in energy efficient equipment, appliances and lighting fixtures, you can cut a third of your current power bill.

How to save energy on various household tasks

Cooling and heating- For most of the people living in the temperate regions, almost half of their utility bill, goes to heat and cooling. To reduce the power consumed by your temperature regulators, consider switching to a programmable thermostat. With this equipment, it is possible to set varying levels of temperature, probably keep the temperature down, when nobody is in the house. Depending on the insulation, climate, and other factors, you can rest assured of saving energy and becoming a friend to your wallet.

Lighting- Experts have it that about 34% of the power bill goes to appliances and lights. Lights take 25% of the energy bill; hence, if you are bent on making a smart home, changing your lighting system, will be an intelligent move. Use motion detectors and automatic timers, to turn only the lights on when they are needed. Light dimmers, will also enable you to decrease wattage, in an effort to save energy. Replace the traditional light fixtures with compact fluorescent lamps and LED lights. Although they are a bit expensive, they compensate you by saving substantial amount of energy.

Pool pumps- If you own a pool, you should know that your pool pump, maybe the cause of the high-energy bills, you have been receiving lately. There is no need to make the pump run for almost 8 hours daily. Install a timer, such that it regulates the cycling of the pump, which will only allow it to operate for 3 hours per day, for short cycles. Apart from saving energy, you will keep off debris from the pool. Heating the pool- There are times, in particular during the cold season, when heating the pool becomes a necessity. While you may be justified to draw power from the main source, it will increase your utility bill. However, if use solar heaters, you will have saved power and conserve the environment.

Watering plants-, it uses energy to water your garden. Hence, having the horse pipes in your garden run continuously will only raise the utility bills.  To conserve water, you can invest in an automatic irrigation system, which is able to sense when the plants really need water and close, if the rains are near. It is one innovative technology in the design of a smart home. Effectiveness and energy efficiency are some of characteristics, which define a smart home.  If you use the above strategies and employ some of the gadgets, you can kiss hefty power bills, good bye. Of course, the initial cost of installation, will be high but the rewards are long term.

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