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Some smart home security devices that will help you to make your home intelligent

Some smart home security devices that will help you to make your home intelligent

If you want to have a secure home, you will need to use some smart home security devices. Due to the growth of the home automation market, there are more devices for consumer to choose from and below are some of the devices.

Homeboy camera and Haven Lock

This is a wireless camera that can move around the house. It attaches itself to the base using magnets and can be repositioned and pointed where it is needed. The features that set it apart from other cameras include a long lasting battery that can go for up to three months. The camera is motion activated, and it can send notifications to you when it detects movement. If you would like to see the clips on the on goings in your home, you can request for them using android apps or iOS. This is one of the emerging smart locks that can be controlled remotely. The lock is fastened to the floor inside the house to create a barrier. This prevents the door to open, making it difficult to break into the house. You can control the lock from anywhere using a Haven app. You can also use a key fob to unlock it automatically when you are near. The lock can synchronize with smart home devices enabling you to run your house using the same system.


The app can control iPads and iPhones turning them into motion activated security cameras. Now you will have more use for your old Smartphone instead of using it just for Wi-Fi and gaming. The phone becomes a security camera that streams the videos. The app enables changing of the motion detectors sensitivity and also helps to switch between back and front cameras. You can also choose whether the recording should take place for a given amount of time after motion detection, or it should record until there is no more motion. Subscribing to the app provides online storage of up to 5 GB.


Cocoon is another one of smart home security devices that has changed smart security. The device can monitor the whole house from one spot. Its key features include a microphone, a motion detector, a loud siren, a thermometer and a high-density camera. It also has a sub sound detector that detects sounds of very low frequency that even a human being cannot hear. It uses it to establish if other rooms in the house has an intruder. The machine can learn and adapt to the sounds that are regular in the house, including the pets. The mobile app can inform you of the happenings in the cocoon. It will allow you to check cocoons video feeds, activate the siren and set emergency contacts.

Smart homes cannot be without smart home security devices. These are just a few and there are many more in the market. These are making it easy for one to connect and control the home even if one is far away from the home. They help to keep the mind at ease about the security of the home.

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