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A Smart Home Knows Just When To Blast the AC- In Order To Keep You Cool

A Smart Home Knows Just When To Blast the AC- In Order To Keep You Cool

It would not be bad, if your thermostat knew when the outdoors outpaced Hades in temperature and ensured a cool welcome, immediately you hit the front door.  This is the latest technology, which can transform your house into a smart home.  It is a new era where your AC system, monitors you and knows when you are at home or not. The appliances are Internet-connected and are designed to receive commands from the apps in your Smartphone or of your family members. The AC only blasts when it detects your presence, which saves you a substantial amount in utility bills.

Is the technology the solution to the problem of high utility bills?

Most traditional ACs runs continuously and in particular, those, which are not programmable. Hence, a thermostat that is manageable from any location is a relief to most homeowners and tenants too. The thermostat eliminates the need for, fiddling with thermostat dials and in the end reduces your energy consumption rate. It is one thing you require to acquire a smart home. The systems are Wi-Fi connected, with remote-control applications and simplified user interfaces, with large displays.  Their main strength is their ability to monitor location and blast the AC, instead of having it running for the entire day.

How does the smart AC works?

The application can tell when there is anyone home or not. It does this by sketching a virtual circle around your home, referred to as a “geofence” and only visible to your Smartphone.  Immediately, one gets into the marked realm, the app in the phone is alerted, which then sends commands to the AC system, through the Internet and soon after it blasts, in readiness for their arrival. The system can be set to detect any member of the family and act accordingly. Geofencing is not a new term, but it has been used in climate. Nevertheless, in this case, geofencing is seen as having the ability to complement unpredictable and busy lives, which runs around automated gadgets and appliances. The beauty with this technology is that, it does not make errors, as we do, when we are setting the thermostat schedules on our own.

What is the downside of the high-tech thermostat?


Although the smart AC saves you some energy and makes life easier by giving you a smart home, it also has some demerits. For instance, you will need to furnish everybody in the house with a Smartphone, before installing the system. This makes the initial cost more expensive. In addition, the app can drain power from the Smartphone, though the experts advise that if you keep the Wi-Fi on, as opposed to the GPS, the battery will stand for long. There is also the limitation of the length of the perimeter, some allows for 1500feet, whereas others can detect presence up to a radius of 300 feet. Moreover, if a hacker gets into the system, they might track your whereabouts and the results are dire. Where you want to make a smart home, do not forget to automate the AC, as you upgrade your home.





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