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Here Are The Reasons Why You Need Home Warranty

Here Are The Reasons Why You Need Home Warranty

Home warranty takes care of appliance and system repairs. This means that the homeowner will not have to pay for the repairs and/or replacement if the items are covered in the warranty. A homeowner who wishes to get home warranty will be required to pay a premium on an annual basis. This premium covers plumbing, home appliances and electrical repairs. Here is why every property owner should get a home warranty:

• Peace of mind

If you do wish to buy a home warranty but are not sure of the estimate, get professional assistance from your realtor. This can give you peace of mind as it shields you from financial constraints that come with expensive repairs. 

• Convenience

Note that if your property is older than 5 years, you will definitely have to do some repairs and maintenance. Most often, you do not have the financial capacity to take care of repairs and maintenance. That is where home warranty comes in as it saves you from unnecessary expenses along the way. 

• Financial cushioning

Home warranty ensures that you do not have to worry about replacing broken heating unit or air conditioner. Replacing appliances on your own can be quite expensive but a warranty ensures that you are cushioned from unbudgeted expenses. 

• Saves time

A home warranty is not only convenient, but it also saves you plenty of time as the warranty provider takes the responsibility of attending to broken fixtures or replacing any dysfunctional unit. 

Who should get a home warranty? You if…. 

1. Your property is older than 5 years

2. You are a first time landlord

3. You have various appliances such as heating and cooling systems, garbage disposal or washing machine within your property that are getting old.

4. You are too busy to supervise repairs and replacements

5. You do not have a reliable technician to handle broken or dysfunctional appliances. Looking for technicians from the Yellow Pages can be hectic and it gets worse if you have to interview them one by one, compare their quotes and then supervise them as they work.

6. You do not have the cash on standby to take care of repairs at any time

First time homeowners will benefit hugely from home warranty because once they are done financing the down payment for their property, they will be left without a penny. Besides, you do not want to be caught up with HVAC repairs, which can be too overwhelming to manage. Repairing or replacing devices can be financially strenuous. 

What homeowners need to know about home warranty

For starters, it would help to understand what your service provider is offering. Read and understand the terms and conditions. While home warranty companies offer a number of similar services, most of them have different features in their packages. 

The price also varies from one warranty company to another and more so, the city that you reside in. Request for quotes from different service providers and weigh them carefully before settling for one that will not strain your finances. 

Insist on the amount of coverage versus the price from your candidates. More so, understand the duration of the contract. Various home warranty companies offer different terms of coverage and you should seek to understand the nature of the coverage. 

As a homeowner, you should be proactive when choosing a warranty company. Get free, no obligation quotes online and compare them widely before choosing one company. Remember, it will be an annual arrangement.

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