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Do you want to cancel your home warranty? Learn how to do it successfully

Do you want to cancel your home warranty? Learn how to do it successfully

It may come a time when you may want to the cancel the home warranty contract. The contract consists of a home protection plan that requires you to pay an annual fee so that you can get repair and replacement services while only paying a service call for each repair visit.To cancel the home protection plan successfully and avoid extra charges, below are the steps you need to take.

Warranty cancellation steps

Go through the policy in order to determine the cancellation and renewal terms. These terms are specific to each state. Some companies charge fees for termination before the contract term ends. Therefore, it is important that you review the terms way before you decide to terminate the contract. To be on the safe side, you can make the cancellation when the contract term approaches its end or at least two months before the renewal date.

Write a cancellation letter to the home warranty company to request it to cancel the services. In the letter, include the name of the policyholder, property address and the account number. Request the cancellation to be effected 30 days from the letter date and for you to get termination confirmation that is written. Many residential service contract providers require a 30-day notice before the cancellation of the contract. Sign the letter and post it to the company using a service that has delivery confirmation. You can also fax a copy. Remember to send a copy of the letter to the bank or credit card Company as a way to advise it to stop the payments. You should not email, fax or call the customer care for cancellation because it would be difficult to prove that you communicated to the warranty company about the cancellation.

Follow up on the cancellation

It would be wise to follow up with the home warranty company and the bank or the credit card company on the cancellation. After about two weeks of mailing the cancellation letter, call the warranty provider to check if the contract has been canceled. Make a request for a written confirmation of the cancellation to reach you either through mail or through fax. Note the customer representative who takes the call, the time and date you called. You can also use registered post to request for a written confirmation of the warranty cancellation. Contact the credit card company or the bank handling the warranty payments as a follow up on the cancellation instructions.

Check the bank or credit card statements

Once you have the confirmation of the cancellation, ensure that you check your bank and credit card statements to ensure that there are no unauthorized charges and renewals from the home warranty company. If there are charges or renewal fees after the cancellation, contact the credit card issuer or the bank to make a dispute. You may have to send the cancellation letter and cancellation confirmation letter to the bank or credit card Company to back the dispute. In many cases, the bank or credit card issuer pays the extra charge back.

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