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How to choose the right cooker for you

How to choose the right cooker for you

Selecting the correct cooking appliance depends onthe amount of space you have allocated and this will be determined by how you prefer to cook. As the cooks among us spend the majority of our time at home in the kitchen, it really is important to find the equipment that is right for you and your home.This cooker buying guide aims to steer you through the maze of a range of stand-alone and built-in appliances to aid you in your decision making, whether you are buying the first cooker in your life or replacing that old model that has served you so well for so many years.The idea is that you will learn what you need to know about the key appliance features and the numerous technologies that are available on modern-day cookers, ovens and hobs, from the mighty range cooker with all the accessories to the simplest electric stove.To see the differences yourself, the best advice is to call into one of your local kitchen equipment retail stores.


Range cookers

Range cookers have taken their places at the heart of our homes for centuries. They represent the largest domestic cookers available and have more hobs, cavities and zones for cooking than any other standard style of cooker. The most modern examples combine the very latest cutting-edge technology with cleverly intelligent design and many user-friendly helpful features.Range cookers offer enough space for the everyday cook to achieve results that a professional is able to attain at home. This makes them a good choice for people with larger families as well as ambitious gourmets. If you want to be creative with your cooking this is possible with a range because of the variety of finishes, spacious cavities, as well as the larger cooking area.They come as electric, solid fuel, gas, dual fuel and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) powered options. So you can have a representation of the very pinnacle of cooking at home in luxury to suit you. Range cookers blend usability with technology and come in one stylish package. They do need to be installed professionally by registered engineers.


Gas cookers

To achieve the responsive and fast heat that cooks quickly it is a good idea to look at the range of gas cookers that are available. Gas means that you can cook in a manageable way because the heat is instantly adjustable which helps give your roasts the crisp skin on the outside you want – while keeping the meat as succulent as you desire.Gas cookers are cheaper to operate than their electric counterparts, and with gas you have the options of natural gas and LPG. Natural gas versions are more common than LPG but the two types both have to be installed professionally by fitters who are Gas Safe Registered.


Electric cookers

There are three different hob types when you choose an electric cooker. These vary from affordable, uncomplicated solid plate cookers, to induction cookers that are so state-of-the art they guarantee a wow factor in any kitchen.It is worth remembering that it is know that electric ovens can take a longer time to heat up than their gas alternatives. But those electric ovens that come with fanned assistance have much faster cooking and preheating times and they also provide a temperature that is more even.

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