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Heavenly bathroom retreats: Why settle for ordinary when a few gadgets can turn your bathroom into a spa-like retreat

Heavenly bathroom retreats: Why settle for ordinary when a few gadgets can turn your bathroom into a spa-like retreat

For most of us, coming home after a long day usually involves taking off your shoes, sorting out dinner and eventually you sink into the couch to watch the telly. What if you had the option to visit a spa every day of your life? The initial investment may be a costly one, but well worth the effect it has on your stress levels. Pair this with some diffusers in your favourite fragrance, strategically placed candles, and you’re well on your way to bathroom bliss.


Musical Tubs

Listening to soothing sounds whilst having a soak is a sure way of getting those limbs to relax good and proper. The musical tub is definitely worth reaching your ultimate spa bathroom checklist. No need to worry about cables running across your floor, once installed it connects to your sound system or device via Bluetooth. This device also works when you’re not in the tub, so when you’re getting ready for work in the morning, listening to the morning show or news has never been more stylish.


Sculptured Shower Heads and Frozen Toes

Creating the ultimate spa feel certainly doesn’t involve a standard builder’s grade shower head. Take the time to shop around for this very important item, it can absolutely transform the way you shower. Rain shower heads seem to be a very popular option, but if you’re looking for something that is a little bit easier to manipulate to your exact specifications, have a look at sculptured shower heads which have individual tendrils that can be manipulated to suit your exact need. Whilst we’re on the topic of the shower, let’s forget about the beautiful showers that have LED lighting options, we’ll also forget about the multiple jet functions as well as built-in radios. Let’s focus on the bug bear of any regular shower user: temperature control. This must have upset quite a few people, as there are now thankfully many products on the market that allow complete temperature control. In fact, to the extent where you decide exactly which temperature you want the shower. You even have the luxury of manual or electronic, which means the power is now in your hands.



Heated towel racks are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Have a look out for ventilated towel warmers that heat the whole towel for an incredibly costly after bath experience. No longer will you have to avoid certain parts of your towel in the fear of catching frostbite. You can also have heated drawers installed. There’s this, or you could just opt for a fireplace in your bathroom.



If the sound system in a tub isn’t enough entertainment for you, have a look out for the waterproof television. You can choose whether you have it over at the tub, or, inside the shower! Yes, you read right. Technology is really making it easy for us never to miss another episode of our daily or weekly fix.

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