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Big ideas for small spaces: gadgets that have both style and function, at a fraction of the size

Big ideas for small spaces: gadgets that have both style and function, at a fraction of the size

Living in the big city or moving into modern apartments often leave you feeling cramped, especially if you’re used to a bigger space. Technology is here to help you, and you need not compromise on comfort to enjoy all life’s little pleasures.


Counter top Dishwashers

Taking up a lot less space, and also using a lot less water and detergent, this little gadget has become a key feature in small spaces. It takes up counter space, however, if you have a good carpenter friend, perhaps not a bad idea to ask them to make a nook for you? This will ensure that you have more space to fit a washer and dryer, or more cabinet space. Storage in a small space is incredibly valuable. What’s great about this is that you do not have to compromise style, as there is a variety to choose from.


Portable Fireplaces

Quite possibly one of the best inventions of all time, fireplaces have not only evolved into burners that don’t require chimneys, they are also now portable. This is brilliant news for anyone who has a small space and cannot sacrifice floor space in each room for a fireplace. These portable fireplaces are available in a variety of designs, and the arrangements are only limited by the buyer’s imagination. Available in a variety of shapes, a few worth mentioning are the fire pits, table pots, wall art and a variety of glass finished portable fireplaces. Style is not compromised, and there should be a design to suit every design style.


Multifunction Chairs

Gone are the days where a piece of furniture only has one function. A current trend is armchairs with built in space for books. This ingenious invention is both stylish and functional, and really helps out with any space situation you might be facing. If books aren’t really your thing, how does a built-in exercise tension strap sound? Not techy enough? Well, if you’re willing to fork out a couple of thousand, you can have a lounger with a built in laptop, speakers and even a reading lamp. No need to pop out to the office for this one. A word of caution though, if you pair this with the built in cooler, having a cold one while doing your financial reports may just mean that you never get out of the chair again. Being a couch potato has never been this easy.


Desks with a Difference

No holds barred in this theme. For the gamer who needs to save space, how about a desk with an integrated computer? For the non-gamer, desk designs can really add to space saving. Fold down desks are custom made to suit your individual style, and stand-alone desks now boast multiple nooks and crannies for easy storage and optimal space usage. Some desks also boast built in power points that connect to a socket, which makes it an ideal docking station for your various gadgets.

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