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21st Century kitchens: the future is now with the help of a few must have gadgets

21st Century kitchens: the future is now with the help of a few must have gadgets

When you’re not only a foodie, but also an entertainer, nothing sets the tone more than working in an environment that is conducive to keeping the creative juices flowing, and well, cooking. By introducing a few gadgets to your kitchen, it can take it not only to the next level, but also make your cooking experience one to enjoy. Fair warning: You may never want to get out of the kitchen again!


Interactive Cook top

Yes, you read correctly, interactive cook top! Gone are the days where two or three things were needed to perform certain functions, with the interactive cook top set to hit the market very soon, we will soon be able to read recipes, cook and access our social media on the same platform. This will certainly alleviate the need to do this on other applications, which in turn might help save a burnt meal or two.


Nano Kitchen Garden

Hyundai is currently working on the concept for the Nano Kitchen Garden. The aim here is for families to be able to grow vegetables in the comfort of their kitchens. This is especially wonderful news for regions with harsh weather conditions, the Nano Kitchen Garden will certainly add variety to a diet as well as save a bit of space. The reason this would be a bit of a space saver, is that it works with shelves as opposed to one flat surface. The envisioned space usage shouldn’t be larger than an ordinary household fridge.


Magnetic Measuring Spoons

This gadget is not necessarily going to solve world peace or end famine, but to millions of foodies, this gadget is a time saver, and time savers in the kitchen for anyone is a bonus. After use, simply wash and stick it back up on the magnetic surface and voila, no more hassles trying to find the right size measuring spoons.



Ever nick yourself on an herb cutter whilst rummaging through draws trying to find it? If the answer is yes, it’s time to invest in the herb cutter and chopping board combo. The herb cutter neatly tucks away inside the chopping board, which serves two major purposes: firstly it would be easier to find, and secondly, no more nicked fingers. Next on our shopping list is a pair of herb scissors. This clever design is shaped in the way of a normal scissors, however, boasts multiple blades slightly spaced apart, in order to cut herbs so much quicker.


Egg and Muffin Toaster by West Bend

Once again simplifying two functions into one clever design makes this something to run to the store for. The clever design helps you fry an egg that will perfectly fit on your breakfast muffin. A nice sleek design means that if it can’t go into a cabinet, sitting on your counter top is easy on the eye. In fact, chances are good that once you try this gadget out, you will want to see it every day.

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